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Fried Whiting Salad

seasoned crispy whiting filet w/ romaine , tomatoes

cucumbers, onions, sprinkled w/ a light vinigrette


Garlic Shrimp Salad

succulent shrimp drizzled w/olive oil, salt,pepper

garlic) greens,red onions, tomatoes


Chicken Salad

seasoned grill chicken, romaine, red onions,avacado,tomatoes

mixed greens w/goddess basil vinigrette


Steak Salad

tender dgrilled steak seasoned to perfection, romaine, vine ripe

red onions,cucumbers,sprinkled w/house vinigrette


Supreme Taco Salad

romaine, black beans,tomatoes, montery cheese,oniond dslds , layered 

to perfection.  (add chicken,steak $1.oo extra)


Buffalo Chicken Salad

mild or spicy Buffalo chicken romaine, celery, carrots, blue cheese dressing.


Walnut Mesclun Salad

seasonal mesclun greens, goat cheese , walnuts, and cranberriesw

w/ honey citrus vinigrette



Basil Goddess                                              Classic Caesar

Rasberry vinigrette                                    Honey Citrus vinigrette

Homeade Balsamic vinigrette                  French Deluxe

Homeade Italian                                        Mango vinigrette

Mango Salsa

Blue Cheese






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